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#Hashtag This.  Why use hashtags?

Are you asking yourself, what the heck is a hashtag? Well, even though it’s been recognized by the Oxford dictionary, many people still don’t quite understand it’s purpose.   Many social networks (think Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest) utilize hashtags as a means of categorizing content.   Using appropriate and relevant hashtags when posting your..

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5 Tips For Creating Great Visual Content

  Images and graphics are very important marketing tools as the web is gravitating more towards visual content. Images immediately engage web users as well as connect to them on a deeper level than words ever can. Many marketers have figured this out, but they seem to forget about the reason for images. Today, web..

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6 Tips To Help Drive Social Media Engagement

For many businesses, getting consumer engagement on social media posts can be a real struggle. It’s usually hard to tell what is and what isn’t working within a single social media post, and even more difficult to decide on what to tweak about it.   At Pikle, we are experts on all things social media..

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2016 Social Media Review

Social Media Examiner has recently released a report outlining all the social media developments and trends of 2016, fresh before the new year! Some of the discoveries that the report found were predictable from mainstream social media tactics, but some were surprising. We condensed the 56-page report to a few key points that popped out..

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